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15 December 2022 Reading

    Hello, my friends! Today I’m using the Moonology Oracle Cards and the Tea Leaf Fortune cards.  Choose the cards that resonate with you.  If one, two, or all three stacks of cards call to you, then those are the cards that are meant for you. Read below for the readings.

    Stack One (1)

    Work through your fears – New Moon in Scorpio This card is about rebirth. Imagine your situation as the phoenix that’s rising from the ashes; as the birth, death, and rebirth paradigm. That’s what Scorpio energy is about. Whatever you’ve been through, there’s a new start ahead. It might be a little dark, but it will be deep and transforming. This card also suggests that if you know you are magical, then this is the time to work your magic. It can also herald the start of a sexier time, if something of a drought and emotional intimacy is also on the menu. Scorpio is the sign that likes to go deep into the body, mind and spirit, so when this card comes up, there’s nothing superficial about what’s coming your way.

    Attune to the Moon and have some sexy time.

    More meanings for this card:

    -Time to let go of a grudge you’ve been holding

    -Move on from jealousy

    -Stop being obsessive

    -Could it be you’re being paranoid?

    -Make an investment

    Teachings: Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, magic and shamans – its energy is a little bit dark, occult, and even scary. Not all of us like to face the shadow but Scorpio demands it. In fact, it’s through working through your dark side that you can get to the light, and the New Moon in Scorpio suggests you need to do that now.

    Arrow – You are on the right path regarding some aspect of your life. An arrow flies upward through the air toward a distant target. The sun is shining and the sky is cloudless.

    Haystack – Karma-you will reap what you have sown. A newly-stacked haystack sits in a field of freshly mown hay. the sky is blue but dotted with a few white clouds that could turn into thunderclouds. The haystack represents the karma that you will reap. If you have sown good karma in the past, then good is what you will reap. If the karma was bad, then bad karma will return to haunt you.

    Stack Two (2)

    Adjustments are required – Third Quarter Moon Think of yourself as a vessel that has been filled more and more over the past few weeks. Some of what has come your way may have been wonderful, but there is also a lot of negativity and you need to let go of this. Whatever situation you’re asking about now, be honest about whether there are toxic emotions involved that you need to release into the ethers. This card also comes with the promise that all is not lost! There may be changes or adjustments required before you will get to where you want to be. A change, of course, is forecast now that recent events have been understood and acted upon. There may also be a ‘crisis’ now which will remind you what you want and what it’s time to let go of, so pay attention.

    Attune to the Moon and reevaluate the situation.

    More meanings for this card:

    -Your life may be out of balance and this may be causing your issues. It may be time to hatch a whole new plan

    -something new and exciting is around the corner

    -Trust may be required to move this situation forwards

    Teachings: At the time of the Third Quarter Moon, you know where you have been – but where are you going? the Moon is now a Half Moon and slipping away from us as she catches less and less light, moving towards her full disappearance at New Moon. It’s a time of falling away and a time to reevaluate. Release and trust!

    Fox – Shrewdness and resourcefulness, especially in business. A red fox, partially hidden by bushes, scans the countryside. The fox is a cunning, daring hunter knowing when to take chances and when to lie low.

    Axe – Forces working against you. A hand brandishes a deadly axe, its blade sharp and shining. The axe is a warning to be very careful as there is danger in the air and there is no telling from which direction it will come.

    Stack Three (3)

    Bring love into the situation – New Moon in Aquarius This card is about progress and modernity, so this is the time to move forward. The New Moon in Aquarius card means ‘No looking back!’ Change is on its way and it could come quickly. Whether you get the change you want depends both on whether you believe you can have it and how much you’re relying on others to bring it to you. this card comes with the suggestion that you may need to do things independently, on your own. But be loving – not too pragmatic! Time may be of the essence when this card comes up – Aquarius energy has an electric feel to it. Certainly, there is a sense that you need to let go of the past and move toward your future as soon as possible.

    Attune to the Moon explore the idea that it’s not what you know but whom you know.

    More meanings for this card:

    -You need to be more detached from this situation

    -Thinking outside the box will bring the solution

    -More pragmatism is called for

    -Improve your karma by doing some charitable work

    Teachings: Aquarius is the sign of invention, modern advances and technology, and humanity. Its energy is a little brittle – it’s individual, scientific even, and relatively emotionally detached. Many people think Aquarius is a water sign because the Aquarius symbol is the Water Bearer, but it’s actually an air sign and is far more about intellect than the emotional water signs. Dropping convention works well with this energy.

    Pail – Time to get out of a situation. A pail it tipped over and lies in a puddle of spilled water on the stone floor. It is time for you to bail out of a situation you are in. It could be romantic or business or financial. There could be legal implications.

    Shark – Take care or there will be a loss of material wealth. A shark prowls the deep sea looking for victims. Pay extreme care to your finances. It will take great skill on your part to navigate the financial waters without incurring monetary loss or falling prey to a shark.

    Let us know in the comments below which one resonates with you.

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